To audition for Region’s Got Talent, you will need to submit a video that best represents your act on the form below. All competition auditions must be accompanied by a $15 entry fee. Prescreening will take place with a panel of three preliminary judges to choose the finalists.

Junior Division acts should have an average age of 13 or under at the time of registration. Senior Division encompasses ages 14 and up. Champions of a given division (Junior/Senior) are not permitted to compete in that division again. Junior champions may re-compete once they have reached the qualifying average age of the Senior Division.

Video Audition Tips

  • Contestants should prepare a video that best represents what their act will look like when performed live. These videos should not be edited with effects, filters, or trimmed and merged together with other takes.
  • Take a few seconds to introduce yourself! (“Hi my name is ________. Today I will be performing  ____________.”)
  • Use a high quality camera/phone. Grainy or pixelated images do not best represent you visually.
  • Remember that these video auditions are all our staff have to go off of for the final acts. A well put together act and polished presentation will be most competitive for our preliminary judging.
  • Make sure that your act includes any choreography, props, etc., that you are looking at using in your live performance.
  • After you upload to YouTube, make sure to preview your video before sending the link for video & audio quality as well as making sure it’s “the one” you wanted to send us!